Vegetable Seed Products for farmer

Novel produces vegetable seed products for farmers, our products are excellent in performance that helps farmers produce the highest yielding and best performing products.

Water Soluble Fertilizers

Better crops for farmers

Our business starts with farmers. We partner with them, providing fertilizer and know-how to help them produce larger and better harvests. In India we sell nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK) soluble fertilizer formulas products.

These fertilizers boost root production, leaf and stem growth and flowering and fruiting and increase resistance to pests and disease. This means that farmers can grow more food on the land they already use, reducing the need to farm new areas.

Our complete fertilizer portfolio we market our fertilizer products under the Novel brand.

Efficient fertilizers and fertilization methods have become the main answer to the ever-growing demand for agricultural products. Modern agriculture must supply crops with optimal rates of nutrients throughout the growth cycle in the most efficient manner possible, and without degrading soil and water resources.

All of Novel's water soluble fertilizers are:

  • Fully water soluble.
  • Comprised of 100% plant macronutrients.
  • Virtually free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plant.
  • Efficiently absorbed by plants.

Water soluble chelated micronutrients for drip and foliar application

Intensive crop production calls for perfectly balanced nutrition that includes all plant essentials. Special care and reliable monitoring are required when it comes to micronutrient deficiencies, as they may impair plant growth. Even hidden deficiencies, with no visual symptoms, put yield levels and crop quality at risk.

For adequate supply of micronutrients throughout the growth cycle and for prompt correction of deficiencies it is recommended to apply Novel’s micronutrient fertilizer.

Novel’s products are the ideal complement for plant nutrition in a broad variety of crops, for optimal development and best yield. Designed for drip and foliar application, Novel’s Micronutrient dissolves fully and rapidly in water.