FUSION is a specially designed complex formulation of micro nutrient mixture for soil application, which ensures availability of every nutrient in each particle. This homogenous mixture of micronutrients is given to crop through soil application. This is highly stable in soils, even at higher (alkaline) pH, is its unique characteristic. It remains bio available to the crop at higher pH; hence it gives superior results even at much lower doses.

Note – FUSION in all above forms available as per various state wise specifications & as per FCO 1985


  • FUSION is EDTA Chelated Micro-nutrient mixture, free-flowing, fine crystalline green color micro granular powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
  • Highly stable complex formulation
  • It is homogeneous blend and not physical mixture
  • It’s bio-availability to the plant is90 %, up to pH 8
  • It is 100% water soluble and can be given through drip
  • Enhances complete crop growth and increases yield and quality

COMPOSITION OF FUSION Micronutrient Mixture

Sr No. Composition Guaranteed (% w/w)
1. Iron (as Fe) 2.00 %
2. Manganese (as Mn) 1.00 %
3. Zinc (as Zn) 5.00 %
4. Copper (as Cu) 0.50%
5. Boron (as B) 1.00 % min


For soil application – 2.5 kg/ acre for Fruit crops / Vegetables /Field crops

For drip application – 1.5 kg/ acre for Fruit crops / Vegetables /Field crops