Novel’s MAP is a source of phosphorus and nitrogen for plants, where nitrogen is represented in ammonia form. Monoammonium phosphate is used for all soil types, and for all agricultural crops and climates. It is recommended for use at the beginning of the growth season, when phosphorus availability is essential for the establishment of the root system. It can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers except for calcium fertilizers and concentrated magnesium solutions to meet nutritional needs throughout the crop cycle. Novel’s MAP suitable for all fertigation systems through drip irrigation and sprinklers, irrigation systems.

Analysis table

Sr No. Content (percent by weight) Specification
1. Moisture (max.) 0.5%
2. Ammonical Nitrogen (min.) 12.0%
3. Water Soluble Phosphate (as P2O5) (min.) 61.0%
4. Matter insoluble in water (max.) 0.5%
5. Sodium as (NaCl) (max.) 0.5%


  • Fully Water Soluble
  • Suitable for fertigation and foliar application
  • Anti-caking and Low Ph


Average water solubility:200 g per liter of water
Packing Sizes:
1 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg