Novel’s Potassium Nitrate 13:00:45 is a water soluble Potassium nitrate fertilizer which is totally water soluble in crystalline form. It contains high quality macro and essential nutrients and chloride free ingredients.
Potassium nitrate is a source of potassium and nitrogen, two macronutrients (primary nutrients) essential for plant nutrition and growth. Since healthy growth requires large amounts of nitrogen and potassium, these elements have to be added to the soil in order to achieve healthy growth. This can be applied to the crop by fertigation or through foliar spray.


  • Fully Water Soluble
  • Instant uptake of nutrients by the plants resulting in significant and quick improvement in crop will be seen
  • Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants through this application, nutrient uptake efficiency will be enhanced as losses due to leaching volatilization will be minimized
  • Efficiently absorbed by plants
  • Since N and K are specially structured and designed, this will give an excellent growth in all the stages of crop namely seedling stage, vegetative stage, reproductive stage and ripening stage
  • The nutrients are textured and cohesively balanced. Hence, this will give better result and excellent yield in all crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers, field crops, foliage crops etc.
  • Wide-range compatibility with all types of fertilizers and agrochemicals

Analysis table

Sr No. Content (percent by weight) Specification
1. Moisture (max.) 0.5%
2. Total Nitrogen (all in Nitrate form)(min.) 13.0%
3. Water Soluble Potash (K2O) (min.) 45.0%
4. Sodium (as Na) (max.) 1.0%
5. Total Chloride (as Cl) (max.) 1.5%
6. Matter insoluble in water (max.) 0.05%


Average water solubility:  300 g per liter of water
Packing Sizes: 1 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg